Short Sales

To avoid a foreclosure on a home, many owners struggling to meet their payments have turned to the short sale for relief. This allows them to sell their home quickly in order to liquidate the assets, pay off creditors and save their credit record.

However, the short sale is an option that isn’t granted to everyone and anyone out there. The seller must be in a situation of severe difficulty without any other means of financial survival. This often associated with the loss of a job, divorce, bankruptcy, medical bills and other life-changing tragedies, although sometimes a

short sale is accepted by the lender when the mortgage obligation exceeded the value of the property.

If you are considering a short sale on your home, you need a specialist to help you with the process. IMAX Premier is the best in Southern California. Our renowned broker-owner, Michelle Mahzari CCIM, has completed over 2,500 short sales in the course of her career. With our expert services at your disposal, we can help you get the most from this option and turn a financial problem into a winning solution.


At IMAX Premier, we have helped many struggling homeowners save their properties.

We have an extensive network of connections including banks, home financing institutions and law firms who we’ve turned to on our clients behalf to avoid foreclosure.

That’s a service we can offer to you as well. We will seek out the best business solution we can find. We can help you with loan modification and give you proper guidance if you are facing a possible foreclosure. Do not wait until it is too late! Contact us as soon as possible so one of our specialists has the best chance of saving your property and restoring your financial standing.


If you are facing the possibility of a foreclosure then an Instant Cash Offer might be an excellent option for you. This is also a solution that can solve problems arising from bad tenants, abandoned properties and divorce settlements. At IMAX Premier, we have the ability to buy out your property in exchange for instant cash. We are also able to process these types of transactions quickly because we do not involve banks in these instances. We have allocated funds exactly for clients who may need immediate cash assistance.

All you have to do is fill out one of our Instant Cash Offer forms, give us some information about your property. Then once everything is settled, you can pick up your cash from our office.

It really is that easy. Contact one of our representatives today if you have any questions.


1.  IMAX Premier provides you with a WRITTEN GUARANTEE for a short sale cash seller incentive of 1% of the selling price.  

At a MINIMUM, we promise you will receive a a cash incentive of 1% of the sales price regardless of who holds your loan.  In many cases, we have been able to give our clients a much more significant amount of cash sale incentives than our competitors can.

2.  No open house, no “for sale” sign.

Depending on your preferences, we will give you the option of selling your property with a short sale with no open houses or for sale signs on your property.  If you prefer to conduct a short sale with heightened privacy, we can obtain a buyer for you without all your neighbors knowing your personal financial situation.

3.  Two weeks of showings.

Selling your home can be emotionally taxing.  This is particularly so if you do not wish to sell your home but are in the short sale process to save your credit and avoid foreclosure.  We understand how emotional this time in your life can be and not only will we conduct our business with you with utmost respect and empathy, but if you desire, we can obtain a buyer in two weeks or you can opt out of our business agreement and cancel our listing agreement.

4.  Postponement of Trustee’s Sale

As a client of IMAX Premier, once we begin the short sale process, we will utilize EVERY procedure and strategy to postpone or stop the trustee sale.  In the rare occasion in which it is not possible to postpone the foreclosure sale date, we can contact an attorney or provide you with a referral to a law firm who specializes in legal trustee sale postponement.

5.  Current and accurate status reports.

We can provide you with status reports regarding your short sale that is current and accurate up to the minute that you request information.  Being able to receive the status of your short sale at any time will minimize your stress and anxiety and provide you with the peace of mind of knowing exactly what point of processing your request is at and the state of our negotiations with the holder of your mortgage.


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