Preparing to Sell

When selling a home first impressions are very important and you want your home to look its best to attract potential buyers.  It is not necessary to undergo extensive renovations or spend a lot of money to remodel prior to selling.  With only a few key improvements, you can significantly increase your selling price and minimize the amount of time your home is on the market.

General Rule:  Buyers want the least expensive home in the best neighborhood they can afford.

To make your home appeal to the typical buyer who follows this general rule when searching for a home to purchase, you want to make your home fit into the neighborhood but no over-improved.  If the majority of homes in your neighborhood have 3 bedrooms and 2000 square feet and your home is 6 bedrooms and 8000 square feet your home will be priced much higher and like probably be hard to sell.

Any improvements you perform on your property should complement the home well, show the property well, is consistent with the other homes in the neighborhood, and does not involved capital investments that cannot be recovered from the sale.  Not only should the home be consistent with the neighborhood but it should reflect the preferences of the community.

To make a home show better cosmetic improvements such as paint, wallpaper, and landscaping have the most substantial effect.  To get a top price it is necessary to have any needed mechanical repairs that ensure all the systems and appliances are working.

Furthermore, you want your property to be competitive with comparable homes available locally.  To ensure this happens, it is vital that you have an experienced real estate professional.  IMAX Premier has the experience and expertise to competitively price your home to ensure that you receive the maximum profit for the sale of you home.

You want to make your house desirable on two levels.  You want your home to have curb appeal so it appeals to a large number of people and also, people that drive by are enticed by the property.

To maximize curb appeal:

-Keep the entrance to your home well-maintained

-Repaint the front door

-Repaint or replace the hardware on your front door

-Repaint the house number to make your property easier to find for prospective buyers as well as easier for people who drive-by and are interested to write down the address

-Repaint or replace the mailbox

-Repair any broken gates or doorbells

-Repaint or replace stair railings


-Keep the lawn freshly mowed, edged, and watered

-Trim bushes, weed lawns and flowerbeds, and prune trees

-Add some pieces of decor to attract the eye to the front entrance

-Maintain exterior features

-Check and repair the foundation, steps, walkways, walls, and patios for cracks and crumbling

-Inspect for peeling paint and repaint if necessary

-Keep the windows clean and free from spider webs, vines, and debris

-Clean, align, and secure gutters

-Inspect and clean the chimney

-Maintain the condition of the shutters ensuring that they are freshly painted and hung straight

-Replace loose or damaged roof shingles

-Repair or repaint loose siding and caulking

-Keep the garage door closed as much as possible

To increase the interior appeal:

-Thoroughly clean every room in the house.  Wash the walls, clean the carpet, and wash both the interior and exterior of the windows

-If the walls and carpet are oddly colored or look dirty, repaint or re-carpet in a neutral shade

-Remove all clutter from view

-Rent a storage unit to store extraneous personal possessions

-Have a garage sale to rid of anything you don’t need that affects the appearance or makes your home look cluttered

-Donate items to charity

-Repair any cracks and damage to plaster, wallboard, wallpaper, paint, and tiles

-Replace broken and cracked windowpanes, moldings, and other woodwork

-Inspect and repair plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and security systems

-Repair dripping faucets and showerheads

-If needed, re-caulk the shower or bathtub

-Update the appearance of the kitchen through easy, relatively cheap renovations such as cabinet knobs and handles, curtains, and towels

-Repair anything that is or appears to look similar to dry rot

-Repair any roofing issues including leaks

-Repair any leaks leading to a wet basement

-Ensure that all electrical outlets and light switches are working

-Replace lightbulbs with the maximum wattage bulb permissible

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