Planning to sell your home? Selling a real property requires knowledge and expertise to ensure that you sell it at premium. Here at IMAX Premier, we use innovative marketing strategies to sell your home. With proper preparation, patience and planned strategy, you will get the desired value for your house.


Listing a Property

Appraise your property before selling it. Knowing the exact value of your property is a priority so that you could establish the right asking price or value of the property.

Listing your real property with IMAX Premier increases the chance of getting a sale in less time. Our agents have different and vast network connections aside from being equipped with knowledge and experience in real estate industry across Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange, San Bernardino, Ventura and Riverside Counties.

IMAX Premier utilizes modern listing techniques, such as use of a software to specifically match the buyer’s preferences to the properties listed with us.

If you are planning to sell your property, we would be more than happy to assist you and eventually include your property in our listings.

Buying a Foreclosure Property

Facing foreclosure is really possible but is also inevitable. How? Ask IMAX Premier and we have the answer on how should you deal with possible foreclosure. We have guidelines and options on how should foreclosure be dealt with. Let one of our agents discuss with you the options on how to avoid foreclosure.

    Below is a summary of tips and ideas on how to handle and face foreclosure:

  1. Contact your lenders, check them if they are after your house or are they just interested on your payment. They could offer you other payment options just to catch up with the mounting mortgage amortizations.
  2. Seek legal advice and know your rights as owner of the mortgaged property.
  3. Understand the results of loss mitigation or options aside from being foreclosed.
  4. Liquidate some of your assets if necessary just to cope up with the mortgage payment. There may be some things in your house that you can live without.
  5. Most importantly, do not lose your house to foreclosure recovery scams. Be careful when being offered to sign any legal document, having thought of just giving an authorization but you are merely handing over the interest and title to the property. Do not sign any legal document without consulting a lawyer.

Schedule an Open House

Has searching for a new home been a failure?

Then let’s have your open house visit be scheduled with IMAX Premier. Name what property you are looking for and we will provide you. Would you like a luxurious condominium, a family home, or a townhouse? Just give us your preferences and we will search the entire Southern California.


Luxury Properties

When selling luxury properties, time and effort of finding prospective buyer is quiet challenging. But with IMAX Premier, that’s a usual task to accomplish. Our agents are trained in making the best presentation, as luxurious as the property being sold.



Sellers’ Guide

With IMAX Premier, you are guided in selling your property at premium or at its right value. We have included some information included in our Seller’s Guidelines to help you achieve your goals in selling property. For further information in selling a home, feel free to contact us and we would be glad to assist you.

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