When homeowners fail to comply with their mortgage obligations, their properties may be acquired by HUD (if it was an FHA-insured mortgage). HUD then turns around and sells the property to recover the costs.
IMAX Premier is able to provide our clients with comprehensive and up to date information about HUD properties on the market. We guarantee that you will get the best home possible from HUD lists.
Buying a home costs money and takes a great deal of time and effort. Let IMAX Premier make it easier for you. If you are interested in buying a HUD property as your new home or as an investment, contact us today. We have the expertise to get the most for your money in the shortest time possible.
Not only do we offer registered real estate management services, we also maintain an established rapport with government agencies like HUD. While you may find several HUD property listing services on the Internet, they do not offer the level of professionalism and expertise that you find with IMAX Premier. With us, you can be assured that what you see in the brochures and property listings is accurate information and the property is still available and on the market.
If you want to buy or invest in a HUD property, please call our office. One of our Premier agents would be happy to assist you.
IMAX Premier takes full responsibility when we handle our investors interests. The knowledge and experience we offer each one of our investors is why we have such a great relationship with our business partners. How we handle our clients money is something we take incredibly seriously and is something we stake our reputation on.
We have a full array of properties great for any type of investment, from HUD listings to individual REO and short sale opportunities.
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Looking for properties especially among HUD home listings can eat up a lot of your time. Not only that but without our expertise, you may not be able to get the best deal at the best price. IMAX Premier is here to help you find properties that make good homes or investment opportunities. For the recent lists of HUD properties, please click here.
A HUD home is an FHA-insured residential property that was taken from the homeowner when they failed to comply with their amortization obligations. Once possessed by HUD, the property is then offered for public bidding.
Anyone can buy HUD home, whether for use as residential home or as an investment.
Potential homeowners who have been displaced because of severe calamities such as hurricanes are likely to available HUD homes.
Once bidding is settled and the property is awarded to the winning bidder, the buyer may now inspect the property. If you are confident enough, you can check it by yourself. However, HUD recommends that the home be inspected by professional inspectors, like IMAX Premier. HUD homes are often abandoned, so you should expect repair and rehabilitation costs.
HUD home can be purchased with full cash payments or through loan financing. HUD does not give direct financing to HUD buyers.
For further information about HUD properties, please contact IMAX Premier and one of our agents will be glad to assist you.
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