IMAX Premier offers an array of commercial real estate services to meet your needs in a complex marketplace. You need an experienced professional team that understands everything from the fine details of a commercial transaction to the value of a property in the overall market. That’s exactly the kind of award-winning customer service you’ll find with IMAX Premier, led by minority/female broker owner Michelle Mahzari, CCIM, a renowned director of REO with over 26 years of experience. Over the course of her esteemed career, Ms. Mahzari has processed over 2500 short sales and, as a Re/Max Broker was named in the Top 1% of Realtors in the Nation. She has also earned CCIM credentials (Certified Commercial Investment Member) reflecting her status as an expert in the commercial and investment real estate industry. (CCIM is a professional network of international experts responsible for thousands of trades annually, representing more than $200 Billion in value.)

We are equipped to handle specific a specific task or help you manage your assets long-term and develop a commercial real estate strategy. Our services include everything from Property Management and Receivership Services to Market Research and Lease Compliance. We also offer an expertise in City Ordinances and Municipal Codes. Whatever your needs may be in commercial real estate, we are here to help.


Property Management: Our expert management services handle everything from traditional commercial properties to specialty sites like medical office buildings, hotels, industrial parks and multi-family units. No two properties are exactly alike and we understand that better than other firms who try a cookie cutter approach to property management. We do this in order to protect your investment and most of all to offer you peace of mind.

Receivership Services: We possess a fluency in court system procedures that protects our clients and minimizes hassles. We have profound experience with Receivership that includes rent collections, expenditures, records, tenant/vendor communications, inspection and filing. Let us handle the paperwork and court compliance for your property so you don’t find yourself overwhelmed navigating a system you don’t understand. We know the system and we’re here to help.

Leasing and Market Research: One of IMAX Premier’s most valuable services include our ability to provide clients with cutting-edge data and keen local market insight to make the right decisions at the right time. Let’s face it, broad economic instability and unpredictable market trends have made our expertise more valuable than ever. You don’t want to take an uncalculated risk, which is why we’re here to offer an analysis that can maximize your bottom line. Call or email us to discuss our unique market research capability.

Accounting and Financial Reporting: Commercial real estate accounting and finance is complicated. You probably already know that. However, that isn’t the only issue; it can also change when new political representatives take office. Tax laws and accountability filing evolves over time and you want an expert watching out for your interests, providing appropriate controls and protecting you long-term. At IMAX Premier, we offer secure safeguards of your financial data. Let us handle your accounting needs so you can be confident and worry-free.

Contract and Vendor Management: In today’s business landscape, commercial real estate negotiations have become extremely detail-oriented and if you don’t have someone thoroughly reviewing your contracts, you could miss an opportunity or make a move that costs you in the future. At IMAX Premier, this is another area where our knowledge and experience becomes invaluable. You need our expertise to help you leverage millions of square feet and negotiate contracts that drive down costs while maintaining quality.

Lease Compliance and Administration: There are complexities to commercial leasing that even many professional brokers don’t fully understand. If you hire the wrong firm to take care of this for you, it can be a costly long-term mistake. Don’t become the victim of an inexperienced broker. At IMAX Premier, we are incredibly fluent in lease language, administration and records compliance. We know the federal laws. We have a proven history with the process that can provide our clients with the best leasing administration services in our local markets.

Strategic Consulting: We know our clients need to rely on our expert opinion to protect their commercial real estate assets and feel secure. We also understand that our clients rely on us to help them find the amazing growth opportunities that are out there. We specialize in rent modeling, tax appeals and development management. We are experts in the due diligence coordination that keeps our clients informed with the very best, most up-to-date information. Let us help you formulate a long-term sustainability project that maximizes your potential for amazing gains while also protecting your investments.

Investment Sales: At IMAX Premier, we have the ability to market your property and execute your sale for maximum profit in the minimum amount of time. That’s one of the things we do best. We find you optimal returns through realistic underwriting. We are able to intelligently market your property to the perfect buyer and get you the best deal given the overall market. Our execution of your sale is so thorough at every stage in the process that you will walk away knowing you got more than you would have with another firm.

Debt and Equity: Managing the ratio of debt to equity and exploiting every finance alternative in commercial real estate takes the expertise of a professional. At IMAX Premier, we can consult you on asset disposition and help you find the right opportunity for your transaction. As a potential buyer, we will help you get the most out of loan funding sources and eligible government programs. Our familiarity with the process allows you to feel comfortable knowing every possibility has been explored.

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