Find the Ideal Home for You

Contact IMAX Premier and we can help save you time and effort when searching for a new home.  We have access to tools and experience that home buyers do not and can guide you through the process with minimal stress and confusion.

We can improve your understanding of legal issues and complex paperwork.  We can find the right neighborhood for your family and lifestyle.  We can find a home to suit the needs of your family.  We can compare property values in your area to find the right home in your price rage.  We will negotiate the final offer and coordinate closing.  

When beginning your search for a home ask yourself,

What are your needs both now and in the future?

Are you willing to make repairs or renovations or will you need to hire someone to do so if the home needs it?

Is the charm of an old home worth the cost of updating features?

Do you want a new more energy efficient home?

Do you need a large lot to allow for additions?

Do you want to purchase a fixer upper where after renovations, the value will be substantially larger?

Would you prefer to live in a community with recreational facilities like a pool or a playground?

Are you willing to perform yard work and other exterior maintenance or would you prefer to relieve yourself of such maintenance by purchasing a condo or townhouse?

After you know what you specifically want out of a home, contact one of our representatives and we will come up with a list detailing your wants and needs.  Reviewing that list and your price range, we will decide what neighborhoods and towns to begin the search in.

After we compile a list of houses that you can afford and suit your needs, drive by and look at the homes and neighborhoods.  Make an appointment with us and we will show you the interior of the ones you are interested in.  Narrow down your selection to a couple of homes and visit them several times of the day: during morning commute, middle of the day, and night.  This way you will know whether or not the street is used as a shortcut as well as how long it will take you to exit the residential area into traffic or access the freeway.  Visiting at night will allow you to see if any headlights from traffic will shine into the home, or if there is any noise from nearby parks or nightclubs, or any heavy partying neighbors.

Then preview the homes you are still interested in a second time.  Make measurements  ask a lot of questions, and make a closer inspection.  If you decide you want to make an offer, we will decide together on an offering price.  Whether it is a seller’s market or a buyer’s market will have a big effect on the offering price because it is a waste of time to make a low offer on a home already priced well if it is a seller’s market.  

Next, we will write out a contract that will allow you out of the purchase if certain conditions are not met.   Prior to meeting with the seller or their agent and coming up with the offer or agreement, we will review a typical real estate contract with you so you are well aware of the items included.  

IMAX Premier has expertise and knowledge to assist you in finding the RIGHT home at the RIGHT price.  Contact one of our representatives today for a consultation.  

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